You know those people that just make you smile? This post is about them. When I started doing the Mardi Gras parade with the Lifesavers all those years ago there was a guy I met, friendly, young, outgoing and just easy to chat to. I can’t claim to know him at all well but he’s one of those guys that’s always got a smile handy. He started seeing a guy and they apparently hit it off. I’ve never met the boyfriend but they have now been together for 3 or 4 years and I am friends with one on facebook and follow him on instagram as well.

Now I know that social media doesn’t give you access to the ins and outs of someone’s relationship and nor do I want that information. What I do know about them is that they seem to bring out the best in each other and they make each other smile all the time. Two years ago they decided to pack their bags and take off on a world adventure, doing lots of travel around the world before relocating to London where they have been for at least a year now.

They aren’t living a wild extravagant life but they seem to find joy in just about everything around them. Occasionally you’ll see a photo or a post about treating themselves or each other to a nice dinner out but they also get as much joy out of a meal of fish and chips at sunset with a view. I find myself thinking about these two when I’m in a rut or having a bit of a rubbish day and it makes me smile, gives me a kick up the butt and reminds me to enjoy the pretty great life I have. There’s a cheesy inspirational quote that seems appropriate about now. “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.” Yes it’s corny but I like it.