Saturday afternoon was the official opening of the Ross Watson  exhibition 010:Coast. It was a good crowd at the opening which had an opening speech by Hon. Michael Kirby. He is an eloquent older man and former High Court Justice who has a way with words and a sharp wit. It was only on hearing Mr Kirby’s speech when he pointed out two of the images, that I realised that they were more nude than Ross usually paints. The two images above are the paintings in question.

One of them has a surfer nude but obscured by a surfboard and the other is full frontal but the face is obscured in both images. Now I don’t have this on official word from Ross himself and it’s pure speculation on my behalf but looking at the body, especially in the butt painting, and the hair, could this be Matthew Mitcham? Ross has done several paintings with Matthew and I wonder if Matthew was bold enough to go frontal or whether perhaps Ross has just used his hair and face for reference in these pieces.

The 010:Coast exhibition is on at Depot II Gallery at 2 Danks St, Waterloo. It finishes this Saturday so go along and check it out.