It seems that there are a lot of men in Sydney working as escorts. Many guys that I know are doing it or have done it and over the last couple of months I’ve had conversations with a few friends that have done it or are doing it and I was surprised that every single one of them said that they genuinely enjoyed doing it.

I guess it is years of conditioning from conservative society telling us that people only do sex work out of desperation. We are led to believe that people do sex work because they need the money or they have no other options. Well that seems to be pretty much bullshit now doesn’t it? Every single one of the guys that I know in the industry said that they always find something about the client that they like whether it’s physical or emotional. It all makes sense when you think about it. So many of us turn up every day, five days a week, 48-50 weeks a year to a job that we don’t love, doing tasks that drive us crazy and we do it for a lot less money than some of the escorts make. Who are we to judge?
Every now and then I find myself thinking about things the way I was brought up which is not a bad thing at all. But I don’t live in conservative, working class Wollongong any more. It may only be an hour away but it’s got a different mindset down there. It’s fascinating talking to friends who you think are quite similar to you in most ways but then they throw a curve ball at you and shake up your way of thinking.