Last night I saw an episode of the Graham Norton show which I like for it’s irreverance and the fact that half the time I suspect the celebrity guests might be a little tipsy. One of the guests was the British rapper Tinie Tempah who I’d heard of and know one or two of his songs but I wasn’t overly familiar with. Tinie’s real name is Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu but Tinie works even though he’s 5’10” and not that tiny at all.

Now I’m not really a fan of rap music especially the style of Kanye as a lot of rap seems to be just about what material posessions you own and how you score with the ladies. Tinie’s music isn’t straying too far from the formula but I don’t mind it. What I really find incredibly sexy about Tinie is his gorgeous smile. A lot of the guys I find stunning have a great big smile and Mr Tempah is no different. A big wide smile that lights up his whole face. Even in the live shows that I’ve watched on youtube he busts out that smile instead of being all totally gansta and full of attitude. Tinie isn’t afraid of a bit of a bold fashion choice from time to time either. I personally love that blue tweed looking suit with a white t-shirt. So sexy.

Hearing him interviewed on tv he is surprisingly softly spoken and not full of bravado like you might expect a rapper to be. This man could smile at me any day, preferably first thing in the morning in bed.