Tonight I bring you four more challengers in the movement photography challenge. Just a reminder, the challenge is about trying to capture or express movement. It’s hard to express or capture movement sometimes in photography but it can be done, as you can see. There is only one entry per person for each challenge so please bear that in mind. You have ten more days to get your entries in.

First up is Sean with his photo of a whirling dervish from Cappodocia in Turkey. These guys in action are a spectacle to behold. I imagine they’d be very hard to capture as well. Well done.

Next is Shawn with a photo of broccoli flowers which at first I didn’t understand as they aren’t moving but there is a bee in the photo buzzing around pollinating and doing his worker bee duties.

Bart has sent in this photo of a Kayaker braving some wild rapids and the cold. Looks pretty intense to me.

Andy has captured these windmills at night for his entry into the challenge!