Buzzfeed has become a favourite haunt of my online wanderings and today it exposed me to the delightfully sexy that is Gus Kenworthy. Not only does Gus have very smoochable lips and beautiful blue eyes, but he’s a Winter Olympian! I haven’t done any research into what events he competes in but in the photos he’s wearing skis and flying through the air so that’s pretty impressive. What all that skiing has clearly done to his buns in the middle photo is even more impressive. He tweeted that shot before he left New Zealand. We love a hot Olympian that isn’t afraid of getting his gear off in the sunshine and tweeting the results for us.

What could also make Gus even sexier? Gus holding and adoring puppies! Apparently he’s been cuddling puppies like it’s an Olympic Sport. This buzzfeed post about Gus has many many photos of puppies being adored by Gus. I’m sure there are a lot of lovely qualities about Gus that I’ve missed but I’m also sure he and I would raise lots of lovely puppies together.