There aren’t many people I know who look forward to going to work on a Monday morning. Even those people that like their jobs would probably still like another day of the weekend to play with. If you had a surprise performance by a musician or band pop up on your public transport it would certainly soften the blow of going back to work.

Every year on Australia Day, one of our radio stations, Triple J counts down the Hottest 100 from the previous 12 months and the latest countdown was topped by Vance Joy with his song Riptide. Vance also happened to turn up on Tram Sessions in Melbourne. Tram Sessions is a guerilla style gigs on Melbourne Trams started in 2010. This acoustic version of Riptide is, in my opinion better than the original and I didn’t realise that Vance was so bloody cute. If a man can serenade me I think he’s half way to a wedding ring.