It’s time to share six more movement submissions for the photography challenge with you all this morning. People are getting nice and creative and I like it!

First up Raymond has sent in this cool shot with a little alligator swimming around reflected in the water of his tank. It’s an unusual perspective and a cool one I think.

Allan has taken this photo of what I’m assuming is a mate or boyfriend leaping in some sand dunes! He sent in a few but I made him choose one as it is only one entry per person. Taking a photo of someone jumping is hard work! I’ve tried.

David is a regular contributor to photography challenges here on Aussielicious but he is usually nude in his photos. This time though he’s not even in the photo but rather he’s shot the clouds drifting across the sky in Joshua Tree Park.

The first of two Michaels today, Michael K has sent in this absolutely stunning photograph of Jellyfish in the Monterey Aquarium in California. Jellyfish aren’t strictly speaking that beautiful but photographed like this they look amazing and the way they move is almost hypnotic.

Michael W is a local Sydney boy and long time reader of the blog. He often goes on weekend adventures camping with mates and on one adventure he photographed a mate of his with a long exposure playing with some LED finger lights. Cool effect.

The lovely Sue is a very long-term blog buddy and one of the first bloggers I connected with many years ago. She shot this photo after trekking through knee-deep snow lugging her tripod along and breaking her glasses during the shoot. All to get this photo of a school for “wayward boys” as she called it. A big brick building, unmoving but contrasting nicely with the falling snow.