Last night’s public body painting of the lovely Nathan went really smoothly. The people in the gallery had a variety of reactions. Some people were indifferent, others would wander past periodically and check up on the progress and a couple of people paid close attention for most of the process. One of those paying rapt attention was a lovely lesbian who I wouldn’t have expected to be interested.

Nathan was great to work with and we will definitely be collaborating on a shoot as soon as I can come up with a solid idea of what to do with him for the shoot. He was patient, willing and quite happy with the attention he got. When he arrived at the gallery I handed him the white jockstrap to put on, which was chosen to contrast with his deep tan. When he came out of the bathroom where he’d gotten changed, the whole gallery pretty much stopped and went silent. He’s rather a striking looking guy.

Overall I’m really happy with how it went. The artworks in the exhibition all look great. All the photography is hanging in the Oxford Hotel in the Polo Lounge and Gingers bars. So please go and have a look and take your art-buying friends. I need some sales!