If you are in Sydney for the next couple of weeks, be sure to come along and have a look at Ross Watson’s new exhibition 010:COAST which starts next week and runs until Saturday 1st March. Ross’ work is always beautiful and his latest series 010:Coast takes me back to my childhood growing up on the beach and my 20’s spent lifesaving at Bronte Beach and rowing Surfboats. The colours and energy that Ross’ work contain always make me smile. He’s long been a favourite artist of mine and is definitely my favourite Australian living artist.

If you stop in at the Gallery, Ross is always happy to chat to you about his work and make you feel welcome in the Gallery, whether you are looking at one of his celebrity portraits or one of the new series capturing the idyllic Aussie beach culture.

Below is a video of Ross’ collaboration with Tina Arena when they were working on her first ever portrait.