In the continued spirit of Mining the Clouds for silver linings I’m staying right away from all the negative stuff that is swirling around the Sochi Winter Olympics. Plenty of other people are reporting it for all of us. I will let it be said that I’m not watching and that is largely driven by the fact that I refuse to support Russia hosting an event, doing it incredibly badly with horrendous human rights issues not being addressed enough by the world’s politicians or the IOC.

Now that that is out of the way, I’m going to talk about Shaun White. He’s pulled out of one event at the games because of fears of injury and he’s focusing on his favourite event, the half pipe. Shaun isn’t what you would call a conventional beauty but I’m a sucker for a big toothy wide smile and he’s got cheeky grin everywhere. I’m not usually one to go for guys with long hair either but before he chopped it off I didn’t mind the idea of running my hands through that mane of red curls. He looks fantastic with it cut short though. Keep up the good work Shaun and keep smiling.