For those of you that aren’t aware, mining the clouds is an expression I use to say that I’m looking for the silver lining in a day or a situation. Today has been a bit dull at work but the silver lining is that it’s not stressed and it also gave me the opportunity to find this absolute gem of a video. This guy is busking in a Sydney shopping mall in the CBD. I would certainly have given him some money for this performance. He earns it.

Today has been a struggle because I’ve been very tired all day after not sleeping well last night. The silver lining is that I didn’t sleep well because I was all mentally stimulated after a dinner with a long-time friend that really revved me up about achieving goals and generally just really good conversation. All in all it’s been a good day. Maybe not as productive as it might have been but I’ve just got home from circus class absolutely shattered, bruised and smiling from all the fun we had.