It’s now time for you all to dust of your photography skills or your archives and get your submissions in for another photography challenge. As usual the winner will be voted by the readers and they will be given a print of Sung Li’s beautiful photo as he was the winner last time. Once again the challenge is about creating a beautiful image that someone who doesn’t know you or your life will appreciate enough to hang on their wall, because as the winner you will be asked to donate a print to the next winner. The photo must be high enough resolution to be printed at a decent size (8″ x 10″ for example). Submissions will close at the end of February, so you have nearly a four weeks to take a beautiful shot and send it to me at to be eligible.

What is the theme? This time it’s MOVEMENT! That can be interpreted however you want but a still life of a bowl of fruit won’t be suitable. People move, trees move, water moves, a whole lot of things move. Try and express that in a photo and send it in. Good luck! GO!