I watched this video on Friday and it really made me think how often we go through life trying not to interact with people that we don’t know. It’s getting more difficult to meet people as social media and busy lives get in the way. Quite often I’ll be sitting waiting in a cafe or something for a friend (I’m always early, always the first) and it scares me how many people walk through life looking like life has beaten them. They are barely getting by.

So when I watched this video I was blown away that two 16 year olds that are unemployed went so far out of their way to spend money and give things away to complete strangers. It’s so easy to bring a smile to someone’s face and you don’t even need to spend money to do it. Have you noticed that if you say hello to a stranger in the street they think you’ve gone crazy these days? Try it. If they don’t think you’re nuts the smile you give them is contagious.