A very dear friend of mine sent me an email on Friday. He prefaced it with a please don’t be mad kind of disclaimer thinking I was going to be mad at him. The email contained a lot of little points that were all very spot on and none of them made me mad at all. Things that have come out of it are that I have decided that my dating efforts will probably not be blogged about even if they are a disaster. Nor will I be posting facebook statuses about dates or my woe-is-me current state of mind when it comes to being single. It’s giving me too much freedom to dwell on it. A few years ago a friend was posting very angry posts about being messed around by flakey guys on dates and I told him it wasn’t making any statement about them but it was making them look bad and now I’ve become that guy. I don’t like the idea of me being the angry guy, let alone others thinking of me like that.

There is a big dream project that I was feeling very inspired about about 6 months ago and I’ve let that slip into the too-hard basket because it is scary. Scary exciting but a big leap and a huge change in life if I make it happen. What does that have to do with blogging about dates and going on the stupid hookup-apps etc? By getting down about constant dating fails and all the flakes online and bullshit that goes with it all, my already shaky self-confidence was getting worse and I was too scared to tackle the dream project.

The plan is to now enjoy what is making me happy. My family, friends, photography, circus, this amazing city I get to call home and all the stuff I get to run around doing in it. Today was an absolutely stunning day here in Sydney. I spent 5+ hours nude in the sun on the beach and on a yacht with lovely people all having a great day. Why let myself get down about something like being single when there are a lot of people in the same boat. I’m sure I might get down about it at times but I’m trying to shake it off as it happens and move on. The photo above was taken today. Great day.