Tonight was date #4 with the lovely guy that I’ve been catching up with. Being the romantic that I am I was fine with taking things slow but I had been wondering why we hadn’t kissed yet. Tonight I found out why. He really wants a relationship but he’s not ready for one. It turns out he really likes meeting new people and he’s also hanging out with a couple of other guys as well. Now I know that’s not uncommon but I feel like an arse.

The logical side of me knows that this has nothing to do with me and I’m trying to encourage that side of me right now but old habits die hard and the other side of me is thinking that once again, I wasn’t enough. Many many times in the past I’ve been told by guys that they aren’t ready to date anyone after a breakup or some other disastrous event in life, only to see through a facebook status or hear from friends a few weeks later that they have met the man of their dreams. I can pretty much guarantee now that this guy will meet Mr Right and somewhere inside I’ll be happy for him but that place inside might be a bit hard to find at first.

Update: I know we weren’t betrothed and we were just getting to know each other but I think it’s a bit confusing to call them “dates” if we are really just hanging out as friends. We will continue to hang out from time to time but I’m certainly not going to hang around like one of those tragic single ladies on the Bachelor waiting for some guy to give me a rose when he decides he can be bothered.