As you move through life and get a little bit of life under your belt, you learn more about what you like and what you don’t and usually you get more confident about saying it. The gay world is very much focused on the masculine or straight acting guy at the moment. Hairy chests and beards have never been more popular amongst gay men. It’s a far cry from the uber waxed polished look of the 90’s. While I like a rugged man from time to time, I find myself generally attracted to a more gentle masculinity. I’m not one for guys with shaped eyebrows or anything like that, but I don’t need a man’s masculinity to intimidate me.

Alexander Masson is a model that sprang into my awareness last week some time. He has an amazing athletic body that clearly comes from using it and not just hours in the gym. There’s no doubting that Alexander is a hot and sexy guy but he has a gentle, soulful look about him. Maybe that’s because of the dreads that are usually associated with free spirited hippies but I can see him cruising down the pavement with his jeans riding low on a big old school skateboard. He gives off the impression that even though he’s most likely straight he’ll gladly give his mates a big hug and maybe even a kiss hello and sit around looking sexy chatting for hours with cool music playing. I could be projecting a little here. Bear with me.

I know a lot of you will be thinking “WTF is Brenton on about? This guy isn’t hot at all!” but that’s the beauty of the world. We all have different tastes and opinions.