Through mutual friends over the past years there is a couple that I’ve been introduced to. One of them I’ve met more often than the other but to me they are both really nice guys. I recently heard about something that is going on in their relationship. One of them feels much less attractive than the other. It’s not for me to say which is hotter or if indeed one is, that’s irrelevant. The one that feels less attractive is apparently starting to talk about opening the relationship up because he feels like the other one probably wants to sleep with someone hotter. Now from what I’ve heard the other one hasn’t mentioned it and is quite happy with the relationship and his boyfriend exactly as it is.

Granted, I’m not expert on relationships but this reeks of danger for the relationship. Talking someone into an open relationship if they don’t want it is only going to end badly. The one being coerced is going to resent it all after a while. Constantly telling your boyfriend that he’s too hot for you and you’d understand if he wants to sleep with other hotter guys is just unhealthy. He’s going to start to believe it if you constantly say it. I hope these guys work it all out.