The new campaign from AussieBum has me intrigued. As well as their regular tagline of “If you doubt yourself, wear something else.” they’ve got a new line to promote their brand. “I never thought being naked was normal, until I saw another man staring at my body.” Without doubt it’s their most homo-erotic campaign ever. At first I thought it was a shift directly towards their gay fanbase but then I looked at it again and now I think it’s more targeted to those they’ve always targeted with the “doubt yourself” tagline. It’s aimed (in my opinion) at the guys that look after themselves and are the envy of others on the beach, and those that aspire to being that.

AussieBum have always been a very sexy brand using very aspirational models. The guys that we all want to look like, be like and sleep with. The use of the word naked interests me considering they are selling garments that basically mean you aren’t naked, but the whole appeal of a lot of the AussieBum range is how close to naked you are when you wear it. Why else would someone buy the ice blue or white swimwear? To show off their goods, that’s why!