When Kylie released the first single off her Aphrodite album in 2010, All the Lovers, her record label did it the old school way. Release it for radio and weeks later make it available for purchase. Not surprisingly it didn’t work. She could possibly have had a number one with that single in the UK and Australia but no, by the time it was available the momentum was gone. Such is the music industry today. That’s why Gaga’s Art-Pop album didn’t sell as well as predicted. Too much hype for too long. BeyoncĂ© changed the whole game with her self titled release.

So why is Kylie using the old strategy yet again? Who knows. Into the Blue is the first single from her upcoming 12th studio album and it’s being released for radio play on Monday (27th). The single was leaked and all over the internet a few days ago but seems to have been pulled from all the blogs that I saw it on. Apparently press releases have gone out saying the single is going to be released for purchase on March 16th. That’s outrageous. Six week delay from radio to being available? That kind of thing worked before the world of online music.

I have a theory. Kylie has also been teasing with the image above of her lips with water droplets. My sneaking suspicion is that this is part of the album artwork. There has been no release date announced for the album but rumours say right after the single. I am hoping that the single will be available to buy straight after the radio release and the album might actually be released in March instead of the single. Here’s hoping. I want Kylie to have number one singles, not mismanaged releases.