Tomorrow night I venture into territory that hasn’t been ventured into for a few years. I have a third date. Yep, number 3. The first date was a bit over a week ago and it was a blind date accompanied by the lovely lesbians that introduced us. We all went to see a show as part of the Sydney Festival which was a nice easy double date to go on. Date number two was on the weekend just one and was another nice easy low key afternoon date. Tomorrow night’s date will be the most typically date-like of them all. I haven’t got to a third date in three years since I started seeing Dan.

In an unusual move for me I’m actually feeling quite relaxed about it. He is a lovely guy and I’m keen to see where it goes but there is no real pressure or expectations about it all. He’s from a performing background and we were introduced by friends at the circus school I go to. Unfortunately I’m not going to post a lot about it if we do keep seeing each other. It’s typically only the bad date horror stories that make the blog. Wish me luck.