In recent days the newest “Bachelor” on the long running U.S. series has offended a lot of people with his apparently homophobic comments saying that he doesn’t believe a gay or bisexual version of the show would be a good example for kids. Part of his reason is that gay people are “perverted”. Of course that comment came with the obligatory “I respect gay people” disclaimer, followed by the big “But” that we all know follows those kinds of statements.

Needless to say there has been a swiftly issued apology claiming he has lots of gay friends and his use of the word perverted especially can be attributed to English not being his first language. Maybe he’s genuine in that the whole thing has been a bit muddied by making comments in a language that he maybe hasn’t mastered yet. How on earth do you explain away that the show wouldn’t be a good example for kids? The current version of the show is a terrible example to be setting for children.

The women that go on the show are either extremely deluded if they believe they will actually find true love or they are looking for fame disguised as a relationship with an equally hungry fame-whore. How is teaching your child, and Juan has a 5 year old, that it’s perfectly ok to make a fool of yourself in a statistically near-impossible search for love in a manufactured situation? It’s not. Juan is setting a terrible example for his child, especially by adding homophobic comments into the mix, no matter how misguided and accidental.