After a very stressed week trying not to yell at “Customer Service” people on the phone while trying to track down my prints for the Company of Men exhibition, I finally have prints on the wall. Thanks to Colin for sending me this shot of the prints in the gallery. These aren’t the official prints but rather the emergency replacement prints that I sent on Thursday and that also had trouble being delivered.

The official prints have also been found now and will be delivered on Monday. Thank goodness for that. I’m still struggling with the concept that couriers couldn’t deliver them properly. Isn’t that the only part to their job?

6 Responses to “Finally!”

  1. 1 Clayton

    Some courier companies are just slack. Some don’t hire good quality employees. I used to do the logistics for the place I worked at and it only takes one little mistake by one person and it’s the proverbial spanner in the works :-(. Though it’s glad to see they found them. Prints looks fantastiC. 3 are my favourites.

  2. 2 Colin

    Good news – at least you can step back and take a deep breath and enjoy other people seeing your work. The prints look fantastic by the way.

  3. 3 Ray

    Bravo Brenton ! They look balanced & well blended on the wall.

  4. 4 Colin

    Melbourne boys…. get down there and take a look in person. Good work all around. I went twice.

  5. 5 Alex

    That’s great that they got the secondary & found the originals as well. It’s still crap that they lost them in the first place anyway. They look great, congrats.

  6. 6 shim

    Congratulations Brenton. The exhibit looks great and I’m glad you didn’t have to miss out!

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