Absolutely gutted

As you all know, today the Company of Men exhibition opened in Melbourne that I’m a part of. Well, I’m supposed to be. Instead, the couriers have lost my package with four large prints in it, seemingly never to be seen again apparently. That’s right. I spent over $500 printing the large beautiful black and white prints, over $100 on hanging kits to hang them and the courier cost. The couriers only have one job, to get a package from point A to point B and they’ve managed to fuck that up so tonight at the opening of the exhibition there was a blank wall 5 metres wide with nothing on it. Let’s just say sternly worded emails have been sent including threats of legal action.

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  1. 1 The_Admiral

    Oh dear. I am sorry to hear that the courier company has ‘lost’ your prints. I hope you had insurance or that the courier company will come to the party and pay you for the items that THEY lost.

    This does have the hallmarks of a specific courier company whose name begins with S and has a very bad record of losing items.

    Good luck with the threats of legal action.

  2. 2 Will

    This is gutting for you Brenton – so sorry to hear. Our business doesn’t ship interstate often but when we do the value is thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, of dollars. Whilst we have found a good Sydney courier for local deliveries, after three years we still have a NIGHTMARE shipping interstate. They just don’t give a fuck about the value of your parcel or the implications of failing to deliver on time (if at all). It’s only if your ACCOUNT is worth thousands a month you even feature on their radar. It’s a fucked state of affairs. What’s the answer?

  3. 3 Alex

    Damn, that’s absolutely horrible. Being an artist cost so much in terms of gathering & buying materials & time to put pieces and projects together. I’m hoping that they arrive in your hands sometime before the showing or at least show up at all.

  4. 4 Ray

    I am really sorry to hear that Brenton. It is unacceptable. I wish you the best of luck in finding them. One would hope they are not far away.

  5. 5 Ojo

    You should make a banner that reads

    “Due to a mistake by “Courier Company” this wall is blank”

    And put it on the wall.

  6. 6 Kirill

    hope they’ll find it after all… how can it be just lost??? disappeared?

  7. 7 michael

    i’m sorry to hear that brenton that really sucks i would be ropeable too if it happened to me i hope you had insurance

  8. 8 Colin

    I went to see the exhibition and was so disappointed and felt AWFUL for you. It’s heartbreaking. I will return to see your work when it arrives in Melbourne. :-)

  9. 9 Ray

    Has there been positive progress Brenton ?

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