When I was a young boy there was a show called Young Talent Time on Australian TV. It was a bit of a kids talent search show with a bunch of regular kids performing every week until they were 16 when they moved on. One of the public’s favourites was Tina Arena or Tiny Tina as she was known. When she started she was indeed very young and tiny. Since that time Tina has grown up and lived in France and become a successful recording artist. She’s very well known and loved here.

In all her years in the public eye, recording albums in French while living in Europe, raising a family, touring Australia etc, Tina has been approached by artists to have a portrait painted but she’s never said yes. Until Ross Watson asked her that is. It was after Tina saw Watson’s portrait of Stephen Fry that she knew the right time and the right artists had come along. The portrait is a classic Ross Watson portrait. The subject is portrayed alongside a classic piece of sculpture but where the sculpture and the sky are fairly subdued in colour Tina is resplendent in bold colours.