I last posted about the delicious Jason Dundas back in 2012 but lately I’ve been following the NYC based Aussie on instagram and twitter and despite making a very successful career for himself in the U.S. he seems to be a very down to earth guy. That all got interesting last night on instagram. It turns out Mr Dundas is quite good at following up on social media interactions. Not long after I left a comment on one of his photos I got a comment from him on one of mine. Which one? The cheeky semi-butt shot from last week. Today I commented on one of his other photos and he responded to that one as well. Nothing much but it’s nice to get a response when you comment like that.

Obviously, being a gorgeous and lovely guy it goes without saying that there are rumours about his sexuality but from what I can tell he’s a modern man who is un-phased by sexuality and is happy planting a kiss on a male celebrity on his TV show on VH1 in the U.S. and doesn’t mind a bit of attention from we gay boys. One website I found was suggesting there was lots of evidence of a mystery blonde woman featuring in lots of his photos and videos. Who knows?

What I do know is that he is now firmly on my photography wish list. I don’t know that I’d do anything wildly creative like painting him or dusting him in powder like I have been known to do with my models. To be honest, it would be great just to do a beautifully lit simple portrait of him but if he’s up for getting his gear off and doing something a bit bonkers and creative, who am I to say no? Should we get a twitter hashtag situation happening to see if I can shoot him? Suggestions on the hashtag are welcome in the comments section.