There has been a lot of talk lately from a lot of Sydney Men who are sick of the attitude in Sydney. That post by a blogger from a while ago that I shared recently was an angry and a touch bitter version of the disquiet that seems to be around.

One friend who is only in his early 20’s has said that after all the shit an ex put him through in the past month or two that he’s never dating again. Another has said all he wants is a cuddle. Sex is great and he loves it but he nearly resorted to calling an ex just for a cuddle. As I said to one of them when he asked why I was frustrated with Sydney men, “Sydney is full of 7’s who think they are 9’s looking for 12’s so they can treat them like 5’s”.
Maybe it’s the same globally in the gay world, or even just in relationships in general. Are we all so afraid of being hurt that we either don’t let anyone in at all or we find someone who we think is fantastic and then criticise everything about them so that they don’t have a chance to do the same to us?
I’d consider a change of scenery and living in a different city but I’m not sure that anywhere else is going to be much different. I know Sydney has a reputation. I’ve heard a lot of people say that it’s a tough city for a visitor or someone just arriving in town. Maybe we have believed our own hype as an alleged “gay capital” of the world and, like a celebrity that is constantly told how awesome they are, we’ve developed the diva attitude to go with it?
If I could afford it I’d almost consider running away and setting up a little B’n’B somewhere beautiful and quiet and only deal with friends, family and tourists on holidays. Everyone is friendly on holidays.