Today I saw something online talking about Colton Haynes the actor who has most recently been known for roles in Teen Wolf and Arrow. The article essentially stated calmly as fact that Colton is gay. Now I’ve just spent a bit of time googling trying to find a coming out story but to no avail. There is much talk of a gay “scandal” a couple of years ago. Colton has done some modelling in his day for the likes of Abercrombie and Fitch but one of his early appearances was in a gay teen magazine called XY where he is seen, looking very twinky, kissing another guy in a pool and acting very much like a couple in a series of photographs. His publicity team have worked hard to try and get the images off the internet but as we all know, that’s nearly an impossible task especially when people think you don’t want them on there.

Some say the PR team was trying to cover up the fact that he’s gay for his starring role in Teen Wolf. Allegedly his team was using the spin that he was under age when the shots were taken but since there is nothing sexual in them apart from being shirtless and kissing then that can’t really be the reason. Whatever the case with Colton’s sexuality should people be saying he’s gay as if it’s fact without it ever being confirmed?

There is much talk about a U.S. Congressmen being outed in a blind item by a gay journalist in the past couple of days. When a politician is fighting against equality and being enthusiastically homophobic publicly and is hiding a gay sex life behind the scenes then yes, he needs to be outed. That kind of hypocrisy doesn’t lend itself to representing the will of the people. On the other hand an actor who has made no anti-gay remarks or even publicly pretended he is gay or straight should be extended the courtesy of his private life.