This year has been interesting. Not quite as dramatic as 2012 for me. No major injuries and no family losses but there have been times where I’ve wanted to run away and live in a little cabin in the bush somewhere. There have also been some amazing fun times. It doesn’t even feel like this year but my Freedom exhibition was very well received and a mini “capsule” exhibition was also shown at Ziggy’s Barber Salon a few months later. I was also part of a group exhibition along side some talented people like the renowned William Yang.

One of the major highlights of my year was the long-anticipated holiday to San Fran, Burning Man and Hawaii. Travelling with a bunch of really good guys and sharing the amazing experience that is Burning Man was pure joy. BM is not an easy holiday but what an adventure. Nude bike rides, dancing in dust, kissing random boys, losing friends in the chaos, meeting lovely people and lots and lots of laughing. Following that up with the bliss that is the Big Island of Hawaii, filled with peace and quiet, nudity and more lovely people.

A few weeks after that trip I slammed headlong into turning 40. It was the bumpiest emotional approach to a birthday I’ve ever had. By forty you expect a few more milestones to have been ticked off your list in life, but after the holiday my approach to the birthday was much more at-peace. How many people do you know that have ticked off all the things that society tells them they should have? Not a lot. Just because we are “supposed to” have achieved these things, doesn’t mean they make us happy and just because we haven’t, doesn’t mean that we aren’t happy.

Looking ahead to 2014 I’m a bit excited. It would really be nice to find someone special to snuggle up to, even if it’s a short fling instead of Mr Right-Forever. My new photography series is going well so far and I’m really enjoying the process and the vibe around it.

Most of all my friends and family that I have around me at the moment are a lot of fun and always a good source of support and joy.

Thank you to everyone who stops by the blog from time to time and makes it a fun/challenging/interesting experience. I hope 2014 is a great year for everyone. Happy New Year!