Yesterday on twitter I came across a young visual artist/photographer from Brisbane called Joel Devereux who’s twitter then led me to his instagram and now his website. Chatting on twitter Joel told me he was a fan of my work and after looking at his beautiful images I thought to myself “This kid has way more talent and skill than I do.” Now, before people jump up and down at me again for putting myself down, I’m not. I’m putting him up!

Joel’s work is beautifully lit, brash when it needs to be, delicate when required and always beautiful. Joel has only just graduated from his course in entertainment industries and visual art and is considering a move to Sydney where there will be more opportunities. He’s lucky enough to have models approach him most of the time and boy are they gorgeous. Go and have a look at his work and send him some love. Talent like this at the age of 21 needs to be celebrated!