As a little Christmas present to myself, I’ve just bought the DVD of P!NK’s Truth About Love DVD. I’d forgotten just how much sexiness was contained in that show and in particular the three male dancers. OMG they are such hot guys. They have that amazing physicality that builds a beautiful body, not just by lifting things up and down in a gym but by actually using their bodies for dance, acrobatics and to generally impress people like you and me.

They could impress me just by walking past but in this show they were dangling from the roof, throwing P!NK around and generally being all sorts of sexy.

First up was Colt Prattes (left) who was in the music video with P!NK for her single Try. His body is just incredible and I would happily spend hours, months or years discovering it’s awesomeness. In the middle is Khasan Brailsford who it turns out after a bit of a google search, was a dancer in Kylie’s Aphrodite tour and was the angel that Kylie flew over the audience on the back of. I’d happily be on his back too but I don’t think I’d be flying or singing. Last but not least is the uber hot Remi Bakkar who has just got the most delicious eyes that have a devilish twinkle in them.