In a world where gay rights are fluctuating like we’ve never seen before, with India re-criminalising agy sex and now 18 states in the U.S. legalising gay marriage, it feels like the gay community is doing everything in it’s power to hurt itself with bitchy attitudes and an obsession with finding Mr Perfect instead of Mr Right causing more and more of us to end up angry and bitter.

A couple of years ago I was telling a friend to stop with the angry facebook posts about being stood up because it was making him look bad, not the other guys. Now the tables have turned. He’s in a really great relationship and I’m feeling angry about all the flakes. It’s been pointed out to me as I pointed it out to him and I’m determined to change my attitude.

Yesterday a friend sent me a link to a blog post. The blog is no longer active and the post was from 2012 but it resonates a lot. I’ve since shared it on facebook and a lot of friends around the world have said it’s not just in Sydney. The post is a very angry rant about how we treat each other and are so afraid of being gay that we idolise masculine and straight acting men to the point of absurdity. While I don’t agree with the tone and bitterness in the post, I do agree with a lot of the sentiments. Please go and read it. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.