There have been a couple of times recently when I’ve ended up in a conversation about brothers and whether they are more comfortable nude together than other siblings or family members. I didn’t grow up with a brother. While we were young my parents did put my sister and I in the bath together but that all ended some time before puberty. It’s not uncommon for brothers to have to share a bedroom so the presumption is that they see each other getting changed on a relatively regular basis.

I’ve often wondered, especially with twins, if looking quite similar or identical to someone means there is no point being shy about being seen nude as you pretty much have the same deal going on. These photos of the Carlson twins are several years old now but the combination of beautiful twin brothers, natural unforced nudity and the amazing photography of Bruce Weber make for a beautiful series of photographs. While I’m not suggesting that all brothers and twins are wildly comfortable being nude with each other but clearly these guys are.

I was painfully prudish growing up and sometimes I wonder if that would have been a bit different if I’d had a brother. I’m keen to hear from readers who have grown up with brothers and hear your stories about this topic.