Last night’s circus class was a tough one. When we started the class I was in a grumpy mood and we weren’t confident. This friday is the circus school Christmas Party and a bit of a show of pieces from a  few classes and individuals working on routines. As the advanced aerial silks class we decided we’d put a routine together. As it was we had only had a few classes to workshop some ideas but yesterday we found out that we were down from five participants to three.

Essentially a fairly experimental chunk of the routine had to be scrapped which I wasn’t upset about but only having an hour and a half of a class to prepare a routine for a show in the same week with no other rehearsals is pretty daunting. It’s also my first performance after the surgery on my arms early last year.

Through the class we came up with a fairly simple but quite effective routine with the three of us playing on two sets of silks. By the end of the class the routine was feeling and looking good and my confidence was back up. I was exhausted but glad we hadn’t pulled the pin on the performance.