On the weekend I purchased and downloaded the behind the scenes video of the Warwick Rowers calendar shoot. The guys are all young university students in Britain and getting their gear off to raise money for a good cause.

This year’s calendar was organised by Lawrie, one of the rowers. In my humble opinion he is the hottest of them and he features quite prominently in the video. This year’s video sees pretty much all the guys go full frontal which I don’t think happens in the calendar. It’s nice to see a bunch of mates all hanging out and goofing around nude who aren’t freaked out by the idea of being seen nude. This calendar raises money to stop LGBT bullying but most of the guys are straight and have no drama showing their wares for a largely gay audience. You can tell watching the video that by the end of the day or weekend or however long the shoot went for, that being nude just wasn’t an issue at all.

Lawrie has that gorgeous clean cut boy next door thing that I’m a total sucker for and a smile that would get me in all sorts of trouble. That’s before the trouble I’d get into with his body. Yum.