A few days ago someone that either reads this blog or follows my tumblr sent me an image that they’d found online. The photo (above) is a vintage photo of someone in a military band from what I’m assuming is a civil war era America. When I got the photo I had no idea what the connection was but then as soon as I saw the guy’s face, there it was. It looks so spookily like a younger version of me that even my sister was a little unnerved by it.

Thanks to the wonders of google image searching I found that a guy on ebay is selling the photo. I’ve messaged him to ask for any information on it that he might have and even put a bid on the photo to see if it holds any clues. I’m dying to know who the man in the photo is and whether or not we can work out if he is related in any way. As far as I know my family doesn’t really have any U.S. ancestry apart from a tiny little piece of Native American heritage which clearly doesn’t show in my complexion nor this man’s.