Today at work highlighted just how far we still have to go in our fight for equality.

My boss’ father got remarried a couple of months ago. It was his second marriage and his new bride’s fourth. It was my job to blow up and print out some of their wedding photos and to be honest it made me mad.
The blushing bride was playing that role to the hilt in these photos, wearing a white princess dress as if it were wedding number one, maybe even two, with her boobs just about to make an appearance. I’m sure they are very happy and in love. Her adult son walked her down the aisle and her other adult children watched on beaming with pride.
It’s incredible to me that as we are about to enter 2014 we can enthusiastically celebrate someone’s fourth marriage and potential fourth divorce, a marriage that is guaranteed not to produce children but we are still holding our breath to see if the Australian High Court will overturn the marriages of several gay and lesbian couples that got married on the weekend because our government is determined to hold up traditional values.
Should we point out that traditional values included no divorce, no children out of wedlock, women staying at home and raising children, women not voting, black people at the back of the bus and husbands free to rape their wives if they weren’t willing? No, that would be bullying the christians trying to hold the fabric of society together.