Someone commented on a post that I did recently that they were sick of the “perpetual moany groany that is my love life.” Part of me wants to say fuck off it’s my blog, but part of me agrees, I need to focus on the positives more so tonight is a Mining the Clouds Monday post.

I had been a little nervous about next term at circus school given that the first term of the year is usually taught by Ari who is an amazing teacher but he is also the teacher that I had when I injured myself quite seriously last year. He is great at teaching and has an amazing repertoire of big tricks to teach. Since my injury though my fearlessness has diminished along with a bit of strength so I was nervous about how I’d go in the class. Obviously I still would have loved it because he is such a great teacher but today I found out that we have a different teacher that has been off performing around the world for a couple of years and no doubt she’ll bring some other awesome fresh things to the class so I’m very excited about that. She’s also pretty tough on students doing conditioning exercises so I’ll be fit by the end of the term.

“Entangled” Dress Rehearsal from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.