Why so keen?

There is a guy that I’ve been chatting to on Scruff that is very keen to catch up. I’ve been fighting a cold and he keeps getting confused as to when I’m free and when I’m not so it hasn’t happened yet but he’s very persistent. To be honest, he’s almost too keen. Alarm bells are ringing but I’m ignoring them because so far listening to things like that hasn’t helped me find Mr Right, so I’m giving him a chance.

He keeps saying things like “I want to get to know you” or “I like you”. Um, we haven’t chatted that much and we’ve never met. Maybe it’s my track record at attracting nutbags that is clouding my judgement and he really is just a nice guy who, as he says, doesn’t like to chit chat forever online and never meet. Or maybe he is nuts. The other alternative is that he’s as desperate¬†to find romance as I pretend not to be. We’ll see. We are finally having coffee this weekend.

Update: So not only is this guy very keen, he seems to be a bit flakey. I told him I couldn’t do Monday night then got a message “can you do Monday?” No. I had told him earlier I couldn’t do Friday. “Can you do Friday?” Um… No. So then this morning after saying I had a busy day but could do a coffee this morning “I have to go to the gym, can we do it later?” Guess what sunshine? That would be a no.

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  1. 1 Liam

    A friend once gave me pretty good advice about online dating and social network sites “Connections quickly made are often just as quickly severed.” He was right – I can’t tell you how many guys seem all ready to meet until you ask for a phone number or actually start planning something. Then they seem to dematerialize into the ether.

    I’d meet the guy for a drink or coffee or walk in the park. He may be everything you think he is (meant in both a positive and negative way! LOL), but you never know until you meet face to face.

  2. 2 Ojo

    I agree….it is best to meet face-to-face.
    Is he Mr. Right? No….because no one is. Mr. Right doesn’t exist…especially not for picky people like you (and me).

    I love your blog, and I really appreciate you, but sometime I do get a little impatient with the perpetual moany-groany that is your would-be love-life.

    I’d like to see you go 30 days without one–yes that is ONE–negative comment about yourself. Get back to “mining the clouds” and give us perpetual positives. We need it this time of year!

    Sorry, for being so direct, but stop wasting your and our time. Be uplifting, especially to yourself.

  3. 3 Jackie

    Meet the guy and have a positive energy….face to face is the only way for chemistry….it’s a chakra combing thing! Relax….and try the 5 date rule before playing hide the sausage….ok…the 2 date rule if you are really smitten.

  4. 4 Zen

    Have fun….I Am married with √† keen mister like that ;)

  5. 5 Knot-O

    So what’s the latest? Have you met him? What happened?

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