Congratulations Tom!

Well there will be a lot of gay boys with hearts fluttering and loins stirring around the world tonight. No doubt all the gay blogs will be in meltdown now that Tom Daley has announced in a sweet home video that he is in a relationship with a guy. Sure he says that he still fancies girls but that right now he’s happy, happier than he’s ever been, in a relationship with a man. He never uses the word gay in the whole 5+ minute video and I kind of respect him for that. We are all way too fast to try and label people. What if he says he’s gay then ends up one day in a relationship with a woman? It’s no ones business but Tom’s.

It’s great that he took control of a situation where gossip and rumour was increasing and nipped it in the bud on his own terms. As he says, a magazine article would have probably twisted his words anyway. Congratulations Tom. You handled yourself with class.

4 Responses to “Congratulations Tom!”

  1. 1 DaveN

    Brave, especially as his new series of Splash is about to start on the TV next month. His Speedos at the Olympics were iconic and hot as shit

  2. 2 marc

    I’m happy for him and that he’s found someone to make him feel happy and safe. It’s great that he was able to put it in his own words and in his own time.

  3. 3 Colin

    Tom, unlike the vast majority of us will only have to come out once. Having such media attention very few people will ever need to enquiry as to why he was using non specific gender terms. I for one still find it difficult to answer the question posed by a new acquaintance or work colleague regarding my relationship status even after 40 years of practice!!!!

    I congratulate him on stealing our UK media thunder but even so they are trying to twist his beautifully crafted words. Well done Tom, and here’s to you feeling safe and happy for a very long time.

  4. 4 Rupert of Hentzau

    Very, very classy, and a clever way to spike the trashy uk newspapers’ thunder. What will the trash mags do now that celebrities can go around them?

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