Yet again, it’s World AIDS Day. Hopefully one day this day will be a day to remember those that we’ve lost to AIDS rather than a day to also try and raise awareness and talk about safety. There is still such a long way to go with this fight. Nearly all the porn studios have caved to the demand for bareback sex and the rate of infection in young men is growing because they just don’t see HIV as a problem. The only reason people treat HIV differently to something that requires constant lifelong treatment like diabetes is because it’s a sexually transmitted disease and we all know that men lose the ability to form rational thoughts when their dick is hard.

There is still a lot of stigma against HIV+ men if they are brave enough to disclose their status to a sexual partner but those conversations and education are the only way we are going to move forward to keeping people safe and reducing the stigma. Please play safe boys. Don’t make assumptions about safety or someone’s status. You are the only person who can truly look after yourself so treat everyone you sleep with as if they may be positive and use condoms.