So what?

A recent post with photos of Mike, the gorgeous buff man that I photographed nude on one of Sydney’s beaches got quite a lot of attention. Most of that attention was positive. We gay men are suckers for a beautiful nude body which Mike has in large doses. The other thing that gay men are good at is being bitchy and trying to bring each other down and people tried to do that by pointing out that Mike is an escort. Now the commenters may claim that they were just pointing out his profession as an explanation for his comfort being nude, which if I’m trying not to be cynical could be true. Sadly I don’t think it’s the case.

While nearly every gay man has grindr, scruff or hornet or something similar on their smartphone and an account on gaydar or manhunt as well we seem hell bent on trying to slut shame each other. I’ve sat at dinner tables with friends contributing nothing to conversations because all they are talking about is sexual conquests with random strangers but as soon as someone like Mike has the confidence, body, cock and open mind to be an escort he has people judging the hell out of him.

It’s funny, if someone like Mike walked past in a bar with that delicious butt working in those jeans, people would probably say “I’d do anything for a piece of that”. Guess what? You can have it, it’ll cost, but you can so instead of paying we judge. I say pay up or shut up. If I had a body and a cock and the confidence of Mike, I’d probably consider escorting or porn apart from one thing. Judgemental queens trying to use it against me. It constantly baffles me that the gay “community” is shouting about equality and unfair treatment in the world when we can’t even seem to be nice to each other.

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  1. 1 Dexter Mejia

    Is he a smoker?

  2. 2 DrewMartyn

    Well said Brenton.

  3. 3 Colin

    Why not use his body to his advantage? No harm done at all. Well said Brenton.

  4. 4 Larry

    Very well said! We all use our physical and mental talents in life so why go after someone just because they have you bested in one small area of life. It’s so sad.

  5. 5 S.

    He’s simply making money off what many people give away for free.

  6. 6 Ex-worker

    I use to see him and his otherhalf around New Farm (Brisbane) quite a bit before they moved. Yes I did say to my otherhalf they escorted but only because so had we (years and years before). It was a statement not a judgement and in that sense I would not have told anyone else due to the stigma.
    In my mind there is certainly a level of comfort and conferdance that comes from working after all your body is the asset. That said this modern gay thing of dragging people down because of there sexual habits is driving me crazy. Once upon a time we celibrated sex (it is what defines us) now we hide it.

  7. 7 Piet

    The levels of hypocrisy involved in paying for porn, on the one hand, and denigrating the people who make it, on the other hand, are only equaled by the hypocrisy in slut shaming people for escort work. There are all sorts of reasons why we hire escorts. Sometimes they’re even hired just as escorts — dates for an evening out — rather than bodies for an evening in. Slut shaming should be a thing of the past by now, considering how far we’ve come these last five decades of struggle. I do like to remind the shamers that the first bricks at Stonewall were thrown by drag queens and rent boys, so they can thank the people they’re dissing for the freedoms they now enjoy.

  8. 8 DamienOz

    I am not surprised by this in the slightest.

    I have found gay men (of the last decade) – by and large – to be the most heinous, waspish, caustic group of people only beaten to the post by the Religious Maniacs of the Far Right.

    What a despicable group of ppl we are. Not a community at all anymore.

    I resign.

  9. 9 Passing thru...

    Most of us choose to associate with people who share our worldview, and plenty of us are guilty of getting caught in our own little bubble and ignoring the world outside. Nonetheless, you’ve just written a very negative post that you imply is about gay men in general, but actually seems to be about the kind of people you choose to associate with.

  10. 10 Alex

    If it’s his body let him do what he wants with it so long as it’s not harming anyone else. Gays aren’t the only ones who slut-shame. I know straight girls who do it & even a few straight guys. The guys are usually the ultra conservative type wait for marriage though. I think it’s more of a human thing then anything. There are some whom are comfy with those who display or use their charm & sexuality & are comfortable with hookups & those who aren’t & like to ridicule those who do.

  11. 11 jackie

    World oldest professions….bitching, being gay and putting out for cash. More bitchiness in Sydney..?

  12. 12 jack

    I don’t care what he does he doesn’t do a thing for me and I def would not be paying. That over preened look is not attractive for me.
    Does seem like a strange thing to bring up again when you removed the original offending comments

  13. 13 drew

    That is a very, very nice looking ass

    Just saying …..

  14. 14 Tim

    Um I’m just posting a comment in the hope you’ll post more photos of Mike…. He’s HOT

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