It’s official, Wesley Shankland has nailed the final nail into the coffin which now contains my resistance to hipsters and their allure. The centre photo above did it to me. The toned arms, wrapped in a nice t-shirt that also encompasses some lovely shoulders. The cool simple jewellery, the beer and the beanie are all sexy. Wesley’s eyes could make me do just about anything they are so deep and soulful. His beauty shines through even that crazy hipster curly mustache. Thankfully his beard isn’t too bush-ranger-like for me but there is a danger that it could be. Sadly, I think I’m ok with that. Like skinny jeans, I’ve been worn down.

I will never be able to grow a hipster beard, curly mustache or even the cool hair for a beautiful retro hairstyle but maybe, just maybe I can live those things vicariously through Wesley in our domestic bliss while we raise gorgeous labradors and sip coffee at a table outside a cool hipster cafe?