Goofy, bendy, fun hot guys!

It’s so much fun when a bunch of friends get together for some unknown reason and put together a lip synch video to a song. It’s even better when they are a gymnastics team and do sexy athletic stuff while not wearing much.

The guy in the blue shorts who seems to be the ring-leader of this video or lead singer if you will has the most adorable cheeky smile and he seems to like having his legs apart which, given the audience on this blog, is not such a bad thing. This is the Purdue Gymnastics Team doing their version of “Tidal Wave”, a song that hasn’t been heard over here in Sydney but now has a strong appeal.

We also like the guy doing the flag pose off the tree which is very tough. Keep up the great work Purdue Gymnastics Team!

3 Responses to “Goofy, bendy, fun hot guys!”

  1. 1 Richard

    The name of the guy in the blue shorts and sunglasses is Ben Lins. He has over 80 vids on YT. Do a search on Linsbrothers to find them. Yes, his brother is hot too.

    Here is one of Ben’s most recent vids, all grown up and sporting a little facial hair.

  2. 2 Colin

    Yes….well…..ummmm….yes……hmmmph…..yeah….. thank you Brenton. :-)

  3. 3 Larry

    yup .. the guy in blue!

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