What’s the one thing that all these men in the photos above have in common? The inclusion of Buck Angel on the far left should give it away. They are all trans men and were born women. Yep, female. It really does go to show that quite often you would never know if a trans person was around. Sure often trans women are more easily picked but trans men are lucky in that testosterone is a very powerful hormone that really does have a very effective result when used.

An article that I read recently was talking about how people often get their pronouns mixed up when talking about trans people, calling them him instead of her or visa versa. I’m sure for people that have known the trans person since before their transition and especially family, it would be a bit confusing but I figure, if they are living as a man, use he, if they are living as a woman, use she. Straight friends and even some gay people never seem to know how to refer to drag queens either. That one seems just as easy. If they are dressed as a male, call them he or use their real name but if they are in drag use she or their drag name. Not too hard.

A trans friend of mine, who I interviewed on this blog a few years ago, must get so sick of me asking questions. People with different life experiences fascinate me and I tend to ask a lot of questions. Generally I try and keep those questions polite and not breaking any boundaries.

It was Trans Rememberance Day just a couple of days ago and it saddens me that we need a day to remember the hundreds of trans people we’ve lost to phobic violence. Hopefully one day all this phobia and intolerance will be greatly reduced or ideally, eradicated. Fingers crossed.