It would seem that showing your support for your team by stripping down to their official merchandise branded speedos is a bit too much for security to take. That is if you live in Miami and support the Miami Dolphins. It could be that this guy and his mate are just too bloody sexy for safety. The two guys got down to their Miami Dolphins speedos in the stands to watch the game in what looks like warm afternoon sunshine but were asked to put their clothes back on by security.

Personally, the less you wear the less of a danger you would appear to be, to me. How on earth are they going to be hiding any weapons apart from weapons of mass sexual devastation in speedos? Stupid prudish security.

The beefy guy is surprisingly doing lots of things for me and making me happy in my special place despite the ridiculous beard. Please lord don’t let me be actually starting to LIKE bushranger hipster beards. Maybe it’s despite the beard rather than because of it. His body is just smooth deciciousness. Deceptively smooth when you take in to account the beard. Not much has been said online about his twinky-looking friend but he’s pretty darned cute too. I’ll take them both.