Local Sydney artist Guy James Whitworth, who has featured on these pages before, decided that last year while preparing for an exhibition of his beautiful work, it would be a great idea to be followed by a documentary team capturing all of the drama and stress leading up to his show “One Day You’ll Understand”.

Having had two exhibitions myself I don’t think I’d ever be so brave. It’s a very stressful time pulling a show together, organising an opening night and putting your creativity out there, all while holding down a “real” job as well. The documentary debuts this Friday at the Bearstock Festival in Adelaide. Yep, Bearstock. Love it.

“Citing influences as wide ranging as medieval heraldry, 80’s pop-rock androgyny and neoclassical architecture, Whitworth is constantly and diligently working on his one man artistic revolution, challenging the viewers ideas on modern iconography, gender, sexuality and, yes, of course, queer masculinity.”