Painting and shooting

Yesterday was a very productive day for the little home photography studio that we set up here. Two models were booked for separate shoots. I’d been trying to find antlers to shoot with as a prop for one of the shoots but couldn’t get a hold of deer antlers but did manage to hire some amazing Zebu horns and some Ram horns from an amazing store run by a couple of lovely gay men who have a treasure trove of goodies hidden away in their store.

First up was Maxi who I’d been talking to for a few months about shooting. Taking inspiration from the graduated colour on the Zebu horns, I painted up Maxi’s arms and legs to match and set about shooting him while he tried to wrangle the huge horns on his head. I seriously wonder what is going through my model’s heads while I am painting them up and making them do some of these things but Maxi was a great sport and I’m really happy with the images. These ones aren’t the best ones. I’m holding the best ones back as this tribal inspired series may become another exhibition down the track.

Next up was Shane who was one of the early experiments with the tribal series several months ago when I was trying outdoor shots. When we initially talked about working together he said “The crazier the better.” So this time we had him painted gold from head to toe. There were a couple of hilarious moments while I was painting areas that I don’t normally get close to on a model. At one point I had to ask him “can you just grab that and move it out of the way?” These aren’t as tribal to me but I still find them very striking. Shane gives good intense stare!

3 Responses to “Painting and shooting”

  1. 1 sylvia

    The shot of just the face is amazing – the dark paint accentuates his face rather than hiding it. And I like the contrast of the smooth paint line to to wisp of hair on his forehead. I keep returning to the image to look at it.

  2. 2 Alex

    The model with the dark paint actually stands out to me more then the one in the gold. Something about the contrast of darkness with his pale skin & you applied it in such a good way that it doesn’t blend in his already dark eyes.

  3. 3 Jackie

    Stunning work Brenton. I can feel a new exhibition coming on…keep powering with the creativity vein you’re in. Your model selection is also sexy sensational.

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