Sometimes when I’m getting up at 6am on a weekend to do a photo shoot I question the sanity of this hobby of mine. Then I collect the model for the shoot and (hopefully) all the doubts go away. That was the case on Saturday morning when I met Mike for a photo shoot. We had been friends on facebook for some time so I knew what he looked like but it hadn’t prepared me for the absolutely rocking body that he is carrying around.

Alongside the body was a really lovely guy who was very easy to shoot and had no qualms about getting his gear off. The shots are for his own use but he’s happy for me to share them with you all on the blog. You see, Mike isn’t exactly what you’d call shy. He’s quite comfortable being nude and being looked at. After all the hard work and time he puts in to his body, why wouldn’t you be? There were more full frontal style shots but Mike was “enjoying” the shoot so they aren’t entirely appropriate for this blog.

We are definitely going to collaborate again. Mike and I came to an agreement that I wouldn’t charge for this shoot as long as he agreed to model for me again for one of my more artistic shoots. I haven’t worked out what I’ll do with him yet but I’m sure it will be stunning.