Jack Mackenroth has been in the public eye for some time since his stint on Project Runway in 2007. Unfortunately he had to withdraw from the competition mid season due to illness but it gave him the publicity to do some fitness modelling and to use his public profile to be an HIV Activist. HIV+ himself and very honest about it, Jack famously created a wedding dress entirely made out of condoms to promote safe sex and correct condom use.

More in keeping with this blog, Jack has no drama getting his gear off having posed for Blue magazine here in Australia several years ago before its demise. He’s also posed for Rick Day and Justin Monroe who never fails to get models to show about every available inch of flesh. Jack is one of those fantastic guys that seems very at ease in his own skin. A self confessed club-kid who wore wild clothes on one hand, he was also a very competitive swimmer and jock on the other which is very evident in his photos where those enormous shoulders and broad chest are on display. He’s taken his HIV status and used it to educate people and prove that by living well, in all different facets of life, you can succeed.

It was very surprising for me today to see that Jack has started following me on twitter. I have no idea how he stumbled across me or whether he is a reader of the blog or not but I plan on finding out. Let’s see if we can’t get an interview happening.